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Chooses your Action Factory Certified NLP Life Coach

When it comes to your home, you wouldn’t ask your friend to fix a crack in your pool if they aren’t trained on how to do it, you also wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your electricity.  So why when it comes to our Life goals do we want to rely on our family and friends to help us achieve it?

Wouldn’t it be great waking up each day knowing where you are headed and how exactly to achieve your goals and plans with very clear steps and nothing blocking your way?

At Action Factory we have designed our course to combine two very powerful skill sets so that our Coaches can help you achieve anything:

  • Life coaching – assist people to experience lasting changes through action and motion. They guide people to achieve their dreams by living a balanced goal orientated life.
  • NLP practitioners – help people replace certain habits, limited beliefs, phobias and fears with empowering beliefs and thought patterns.

Our NLP Life Coaches are all Internationally certified and accredited by some of the top Accreditation companies in the field

Our NLP Life Coaches will empower you to achieve your goals and life plans with all the resources and capabilities you already pose which will in turn help you not become reliable on them.

Choose your right Action Factory Coach today!