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About Nadia Marillier

Nadia advocates that we all have the answers to each of our questions. All we have to do align to self, trust and listen.
Her foundation is live a life of authenticity and be empowered by your purpose.

Certified NLP Practitioner,Executive, Business and Life Coach, Strong by Zumba Certified Fitness Instructor, she believes that each person have something magical to offer to this universe.

Her passion is tapping into what you truly desire, by providing you with the tools to create a life of complete satisfaction.

Transforming lives & changing mindsets as a business leader, inspirational speaker and practitioner comes naturally. Her coaching workshops, private sessions , gives you an experience like no other.

“What I have learned throughout my journey, we wear multiple masks, this blocks us from living life to the fullest. We accept substandard relationships, non fulfilling jobs and allow situations, people or circumstances to influence our lives with toxic behaviors”

Her outlook is simple “ You are the CEO of your circle, hire those that leave you in a better space, remove those that run a mock in your life, terminate anything or anyone that does not serve you”

This is YOUR life. Own it. Live it. Be the best version of YOU.

Goodness IN Greatness OUT


  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coaching
  • Nlp Practitioner

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